Jul 9, 2014

This Blog Has Moved On...

Hello Readers and Visitors,

My blog has moved to a new home! This site will no longer be updated. Please visit the new and improved site at http://www.ediblepotentialblog.com 

Be sure to update/bookmark the new site, it's more fun when YOU show up. :) 

See you there!

Jul 5, 2014


Hey guys!
It's Saturday and that's when I usually share what I've been reading and loving this week, via my fetish for lists. 

1. 940 Saturdays, that's how many Saturdays we spend with our cuties from birth to age 18. What a great way to document it! // on Lisa Congdon's blog
2. The next super fruit. Note: It's pink and hairy and has calcium // Rambutan
3. The best of Trader Joe's according to Mom's Kitchen Handbook // the Handbook
4. Have you tried Jennifer Aniston's favorite smoothie? // PopSugar
5. By far my fave Instagram this week > My Life With Bradley Cooper // on Instagram

My little family is on vacation this week so that means, so am I! The blog will be quiet for a week or so and when I return we'll be moving to the new site. Whoop whoop! 

I'll be checking in occasionally on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram: @sandi_louwho 
Hope you're catching some poolside time this week too!

maui poolside image via sf girl by bay

Jul 1, 2014

Dining: Bringing the Outdoors In

Amazing what a little plant and pattern will do, right? Which would you choose, one or both?

Make it a colorful one today guys,

Also, is it really July??

via one kings lane

Jun 29, 2014

Art & Appetite: Emoji Nation

Aren't these clever? 

Classic art meets todays society of emojis via designer Nastya Nudnik.  She fit the "emotions" so accurately to the paintings, right?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

All images via nastya nudnik via honestly wtf

Jun 28, 2014


Hi friends!
It's Saturday and that's when I usually share what I've been reading and loving this week, via my fetish for lists. 

1. My next book list after my next...book list: Rory Gilmore's // Buzzfeed
2. Favorite Tumblr: A Certain Kind of Woman // Doesn't it make you want to read more about Diane von Furstenburg?
3. Pineapple agua fresca, por favor! via Apartment 34
4. Fave Instagram: @aguynamedpatrick He's currently in Paris. I'm so jealous I've lost three buttons on my blouse.
5. This whole kitchen shebang >> via Trendland
6. 5 terrific beach reads >> via Design Sponge

7. You guys, are you saving your strawberry tops?? // via Food 52 
8. Have you seen the new artsy ceramic traveler mugs at Starbucks? // Starbucks

9. And...small Texas town high school graduations. :)

Make it a good one!

Jun 27, 2014

Tasty Travel Rx :: Chicago

Max Wastler: I found him while perusing Instagram. 

He was at the restaurant Au Cheval in Chicago.
Have you been to Chicago? It's the city that never sleeps. Oops, no, wrong city. 

He obviously enjoys pickles. The whole cucumber meets vinegar mix, it's like a Jesse Pinkman meets Walter White. The traditional smashes into rogue. Then in an odd way we feel really good about enjoying it. 

Let's talk about Max's food related travel must-haves. Especially la vegetables:

Exercising later? 
This savory slice has a good amount of electrolytes that get lost in sweat. Eat it now to prevent muscle cramps later. 

White potatoes do have vitamin C that can help to fight off summer colds //potato nutrition

Seriously, burgers are so good why would you totally give them up? Not.happening. :)

Limiting calories? Half it and save the rest for tomorrow.
Limiting salt? Say, no cheese please.
Limiting sugar? Reduce the ketchup and add more pepper (flavor saver, it is).
Limiting bread? Throw off the bun and use large slice of lettuce.
Limiting meat? Um, do you have veggie or bean burgers?

One shot of whiskey is about 100 calories. Just FYI. #nojudging


top image by @maxwastler on instagram. auchevalchicago restaurant. 

Jun 24, 2014

Dining With Art

Don't be like me.
No waking up one day and walking into your dining area and saying, "How long has that been there?" to your - bought that ten years ago looks like something great grandma hung up wooden watermelon picture, on your dining room wall. 

So let's welcome better art to the dining area, shall we. 

1. Large scale prints. 
Think: Gray Malin style //Gray Malin Photography

Image via DOS Architects via Desire to Inspire
2. Abstract art.
Maybe you're more into geometry
If so, you are probably good at math. 
If you are good at math you're probably smart. 
Since you're smart I'd totally like to hang out with you. 
I'm hoping some of your smartness will rub off on me. 
Isn't that how it works..?

3. Wallpaper Mural DIY
This is so bold, I love it! A snow leopard mural from one talented band wife // The Band Wife 
4. Clever typography. 
Also, I say those words in my head at least once a week // via Kim Lucian for The Kitchn
5. So what if you have 1970's wooden paneling. 
Nobody is judging. OK, maybe your mother-in-law. But hey, seize the opportunity - paint it different colors. Renting? Washi tape in different colors // via Jason Bax for Dwell

6. Black and white, and add a map.

7. Paint is art too.
8. Pin up a few postcards and some prints.
 I hear ya, you like it simple // via HittaHem

Here's to an artistically good dining day!

Also, mixing art & appetite.