Apr 15, 2014

F & V Color Crush / Beet

Howdy howdy, beet is the hue attitude, have you heard? 

Here's how to:
Drink 'em. 
Apple Carrot Beet Ginger Juice by Minimalist Baker

Pack 'em. 
Beet & Feta Burgers. Pack it up, eat it on the plane. Be the envy of the guy next to you. Green Kitchen Stories recipe on Food 52. 

Toast 'em.
Or maybe I meant - learn to roast 'em - at The Kitchn
Annnd...don't you think it's time to make 'em? time...watch...get it? ;)
Circa Happy makes a delicious looking soup. 

Oh, and how I usually eat beets -- Ms Gwyneth's cookbook, page 155.

beet juice study via the telegraph. red carafe via crate&barrel. herschel backpack at asoswatch by shop bop. kitchen aid toaster via sur la table. marilyn at sometimes i drift

*also - i know my graphic & pics are looking well, a bit washed out. i'm currently in the works to upgrade to a legit dot com (!) but it won't be complete until the summer. thank you for your patience. i have big plans (more posts more fun) for my little space here, here's hoping you stick it out with me.*

Apr 11, 2014

Art of Easter Egg Juggle

Long gone are the days of choosing between just two Paas egg decorating boxes like I did with my littles - thanks Pinterest. Aren't these too cute? Not to mention creative. 

I adore ombre, don't you?

The Masters Plan

Do you girls golf?..or like to oogle at pretty green grass and blossomy trees, maybe? 

If so, at least take a peek at The Masters Golf Tournament happening in Georgia today/this weekend. Such a gorgeous course. I'm rootin' for Bubba Watson. 

Look for me - I'll be the one in a fancy sweet ride and munching on some good granola. 
What are you up to this weekend?

Enjoy it - 
S :)

*also, still excited for stephen colbert, we've been watching him nightly for years. you too?
**and a cool pinterest board i found this week - jacquelyn clark/lark & linen - pretty white aesthetic.

links: the masters. bubba watson twitter1959 fiat jolly, in coral. chanel bottle water. my daughter turned me on to half baked harvest's pumpkin seed granola, best i've seen in awhilestephen colbert. jacquelyn clark pinterest. 

Apr 8, 2014

Nutrition Label

Sarcasm included? Maybe. They are based on real conversations...

What would you add to the new label?
Here's hoping your Tuesday is going juuusst lovely :)

Apr 4, 2014

Kicky Kitchens

Most definitely would kook cook in this one with the settee, it's my fave. 
Black and white? alright.
RIGHT next to an outdoor party space? YES
What about that art, and oh, the natural wood in the sitting area..
The lighting...

What about you, which kitchen would you choose?

happy last week-day,
-s :)

Apr 3, 2014

Break For Palms

Doesn't this look relaxing? 

Just thought we could all use a little virtual vacation break and remind ourselves one of the reasons why we work so hard. 

My reasons include wanting to sip more delicious beverages from coconuts, eating savory treats, while spending time with the peeps I adore, in warm & breezy tropical locations. 

Here's to toasting not-quite-Friday wanderlust --

S :)

palm pic via. top 10 hotels for food lovers at bon appetit. more wanderlust on tumblr: coffee in the mountains + all things europe

Apr 1, 2014

This To That

So, I chatted with an almost-vegetarian 5K runner recently who was convinced his lunch was the best he could do during his busy work day. I was convinced he could do better. ;) 

What was this - 2 bananas, protein bar, Diet Coke

Improves to THAT - 1-2 sliced banana (or eat separate) in Greek yogurt, handful of salted nuts, sprinkle of coconut, drizzle of honey, ice water 

HOW did it improve? Sticking with the majority of the foods he's already eating, 
*I did add Greek yogurt, which has 2x more protein than regular yogurt + calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins
*He likes sweet, so a bit of chocolate added to nuts + the banana(s), gave him more of a sweet taste
*Coconut added for texture & bit of fat
*Honey, because he's not used to plain Greek yogurt bitterness +it has oodles of  antioxidants
*Diet Coke to ice water, probably don't need to explain this one

Suggested brands - Greek yogurt. Nuts. Honey

It's more of a rounded lunch -- protein from yogurt + nuts, carb from banana, chocolate + honey; fat from yogurt, coconut, nuts; antioxidants from chocolate & honey; water, because that's the #1 fluid our body craves, right?

Annnnd...He's historically prone to getting cramps on his after-work track workouts so it's a mix of all the major electrolytes & fluids that are usually contributors to cramps, if deficient.

Badda boom badda bing, done. Better, don't ya think?

Virtual Xxx,
-S :)