Mar 31, 2012

Appreciate The Plate

There are two words I try my best to avoid when talking with people about embracing a healthy nutritious lifestyle - "no" and "don't." It breaks my heart when I talk with someone for the first time, and they are apologizing for telling me that they drink coffee. Oy vey!

Food that is prepared simply & naturally provides our body with the basic nutrients our bodies crave. Not to mention that great food tastes A M A Z I N G!

Videos courtesy of Vimeo

The basics - 
  • Leave 3 bites on the plate. The harder this is to do, the more practice is needed.
  • Live by the 5-ingredient rule. > 5-ingredients and you really want it? 3 small bites, then call it done. 
  • Make it a habit to sit down at a clean (preferably pretty & with a scenic view) table and eat with family and friends.
  • Eat regularly. Our body, most specifically -  our blood sugar likes normal. When we eat sporadically, our blood sugar experiences spikes and dives which makes us feel blah, and  - negatively messes with our blood sugar numbers in the doctors office, which really gets our attention.  

Come on and say it!

  1. I would say that instead of leaving 3 bites (which, quite frankly, is wasteful), take three less bites / one or two scoops less on your plate. That way you don't have those three bites there to leave, and you're not eating more than you ought to.

    Another good tip is take your time.
    When we scarf down our food, we can easily over eat because it takes time for the electro-chemical signals to properly transfer between the stomach and the brain, and translate as 'full'.

  2. Ideally, people WOULD choose appropriate portions to put on their plate.

    But many people have a lifetime (or many years) habit of scooping too much on their plate.

    So as a process of consuming less, if they leave 3 bites on the plate, then over time, their habit will be to eat less food and choose smaller portions at the outset.

  3. good rules to live by and fun clips you find some neat stuff

  4. These are all great tips and I really SHOULD learn to adhere to smaller portion sizes. I keep telling myself "That's enough" and then I add just a wee bit more... And I do have a bad habit of eating sporadically - another things for me to change ;)


Come on and say it!