Jun 1, 2012

Treats for the Trail - Day Hiking

It's almost officially Summer, whoo hoo! And with Summer comes more vacation time. In response to recent questions about what foods/drinks to take when day hiking, here are some of my favorites. 
Plain water provides good hydration for light activity but when heat and humidity increases we really need to replace those electrolytes/minerals lost with heavy sweating. Do this by consuming foods with salt, along with your water & sports drink. Eating foods with salt will help retain the ingested fluids and stimulate thirst. 
Grand Canyon trail
Whether it's day hiking, rock climbing, or sliding down sand dunes 
on plastic missiles, be sure to go prepared. 
salty treats
Clif Sweet & Salty Mojo Bars: Just a hint of sweet and not covered with a bunch of the ooey gooey chocolate that will be melty and messy. And there's no need for a lot of added sugar. 
Bagels or Saltines with Nut/Peanut Butter: Provides enough energy, & replaces the electrolytes/minerals you lose as you sweat. 
TIPs! * Crunchy over creamy butters, to avoid excess melting. My favorite is SunButter, a sunflower seed spread. 
* Use sturdy freezer bags or containers instead of regular plastic sandwich bags, they'll hold together better.
peanut mix | beef jerky
Peanut mix: Start with a 1/4 cup serving/person but if you think you'll need more, take it!
Beef jerky: Good mix of nutrients but good dentition is a must ;)
It's been our experience, to be extra careful where you lay your treats. You never know who is lurking around ready to take it from you! Do you have a favorite treat for the trail?

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  1. GREAT suggestions. Of course I appreciate the SunButter inclusion, but with some upcoming hikes of my own coming up (look out Custer State Park, South Dakota!) with our family, I love these great ideas. Thanks much -- happy hiking!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, that's kind of you :)

  3. Beautiful breathtaking pictures Sandi! Make me just imagine I am there!


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