Aug 24, 2013

100 Years of Saltitude

100 Lessons I've Learned From Working In Cardiac Rehab

2013. Make your own sauces.
2012. Krill oil is overhyped. 
2011. The "whole grains" label is a distractor. More "fiber" is the key. 
2010. The closer to the center aisles of the grocery store, the more processed the foods.
2009. Caffeine is a socially accepted  mild "upper." 
2008. For taste: more pepper, more herbs. 
2007. Italian restaurants: a 1/2 order will suffice. 
2006. Good (& inexpensive) dehydrated spices can be found at Dollar General. 
2005. The go-to for making sure that protein powder is all it says it is!
2004. Fresh vegetables, if you have time. Frozen vegetables, if you don't.
2003. Be wary of disguised "healthy" options like parmesan cream spinach.
2002. The bigger the belly, the greater the risk of having a heart attack.
2001. Add more garlic.
2000. Sea salt is still salt. It just has more minerals.
1999. Low sodium is </= 140 mg per serving.
1998. High sodium is >/= 480 mg per serving.
1997. Add cinnamon to chili for a 'Cinncinnati' touch. 
1996. Central Market if you're listening - your prepared deli salads rocks. 
1995. Monkey see, monkey do. Kids watch and learn from us.
1994. Meds like antacids have sodium in them. 
1993. Let go of the 1970's, QUIT smoking. 
1992. Cholesterol only comes from animals. It's not in peanut butter. 
1991. What physical activity did you enjoy at age 12? Do that. Or a version of that. 
1990. When someone tells me they had 2-3 Oreos for a snack, they really mean 5-6.
1989. Bread has more salt than you think.
1988. There's too much 'other stuff' in potassium supplements.
1987. Sodium is a mineral that our bodies NEED. Just not gobs of it.
1986. Healthy Under Pressure is a humorous yet educational blog.
1985. Yoga, deep breathing, walking - find a way to manage stress.
1984. 3 meals a day. Make one vegetarian.
1983. When was the last time you stopped at your local farmer's market?  
1982. Beans are a good carb. Fruit Roll ups are not. 
1981. The George Foreman grill is the next best thing to the outdoor variety.
1980. If you're gonna twist my arm, then yes, eat more vegetables than fruits. 
1979. Muscles and nerves need sodium, so they work efficiently.
1978. "Instant" foods will have more salt than the "old fashioned." Think oatmeal.
1977. The majority of salt comes from processed retail foods. 
1976. Nature Valley protein bars taste good. 
1975. Salad dressings: More vinegar and/or lemon juice, less oil. 
1974. Watch the documentary Super Size Me. If you already have, Food, Inc.
1973. Butter or margarine?...
1972. Flaxseed lover? 2 Tbsp daily gives you the ALA you need. 
1971. Reduce dried bean gassiness by soaking them first. Then rinse. 
1970. If purchasing fish oil pills, strive for at least 1000mg of EPA & DHA.
1969. The DASH diet works for lowering blood pressure.
1968. Mexican food: Grilled chicken fajitas, veggies, pico, beans (not refried), 1-2 Tbsp guac.
1967. Rinsing canned vegetables removes 40% sodium. That's about it.
1966. Taking Warfarin/Coumadin doesn't mean eliminate all vitamin K foods.
1965. Taking fish to work for lunch may not be appreciated. #pungent
1964. Store bought soups & deli meats, some of the worst offenders of too.much.salt.
1963. The best beans for lowering LDL? Lima and fava.
1962. Lesser known symptom of having a heart attack especially in women, is nausea.
1961. Low salt usually = more sugar and fat. #moderation
1960. If it comes in a can, box, jar or bag, it has salt in it. Probably much.
1959. Ground flaxseed provides more nutrients than the seed or oil.
1958. is REALLY GOOD for keeping track of what goes in the mouth.
1957. Skipping meals is not helping. 
1956. Throw out the egg yolk -- also throws out some great B vitamins.
1955. Cheerios is a good start. Adding a tablespoon of oat bran makes it better. 
1954. A 12 oz. Diet Coke contains 40 mg of sodium. 
1953. Fav brown bag lunch: sunflower butter + banana sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread & mini carrots with Trader Joe's guacamole hummus, and chai tea.
1952. Sometimes...baked potato chips have more sodium than regular.  
1951. I made Rebecca's fish cakes and they turned my picky eater daughter on to fish. 
1950. Small steps. No one expects you to change every bad habit overnight. #wearehuman
1949. When's the last time you ate lentils? Yep, that's been too long. 
1948. 'Light' olive oil refers to the color, not the calorie content.
1947. 22 pieces of almonds have about 170 calories + 3 grams of fiber. 
1946. 85% of heart damage occurs within the first 2 hours of a heart attack. Act FAST!
1945. Taking cholesterol lowering drugs can cause side effects: muscle aches, nausea.
1944. American Heart Association has some good tips. Follow 'em on Twitter. 
1943. Unfortun-ately seafood contamination is an issue. There's an app for that. 
1942. On getting a personal trainer: get a recommendation from a friend and one that can put their phone down while training you. 
1941. It takes hard work to eat less when you're not used to it. #practice
1940. Popcorn is like salad, it depends what you put on it. 
1939. High fiber cereal is >/= 5 grams of fiber.
1938. COPD or CHF? Eating too much at one time, worsens shortness of breath.
1937. Make a flaxseed egg.
1936. Nut goal: 1/4 cup daily.
1935. Just because you've never eaten breakfast, doesn't mean you can't start now.
1934. Best oats nutrition wise, in this order: oat groats, steel-cut, old-fashioned.
1933. Yes, garlic pills have been de-smelly-ed.
1932. Mrs. DASH has a lot more product variety than they used to.
1931. Greek yogurt over the regular. More protein + less sugar, as a rule. 
1930. A top fruit and cheese pairing: fresh figs + gorgonzola.
1929. Never been to a dietitian for your diabetes?? Let me show you what a dialysis room looks like. 
1928. I once knew a patient who's only change was to eat oatmeal every day for breakfast. Six months later his cholesterol level was down 50 points. 
1927. Just because you want apple fritters to count as a fruit serving, doesn't mean they do. 
1926. Drinking more water is better than drinking more sports and energy drinks. 
1925. Fermented soy like miso, has more sodium than say, tofu. 
1924. Early symptoms of a heart attack? chest tightness, shortness of breathe, fatigue.
1923. How can fish be fresh when I'm eating it in Texas and it was flown in from Washington three days ago?? #conundrums
1922. Don't eliminate mom's chocolate pie. Take 3 bites, savor it, savor it...then call it done.
1921. How to handle the texture of cottage cheese: small curd.
1920.When ordering veggies from an asian restaurant, tell them "steamed, no sauce."
1919. Best of the best snack: peanut butter scooped into dried dates. 
1918. Eat more real food and controlling salt will be less of a problem. 
1917. Vegetable juice. Make your own.
1916. No more kid meals. please. 
1915. Frozen dinners. Quick. Easy. Loaded with sodium.
1914. Best apps for monitoring heart health.
1913. 1/2 cup of coconut + chia kefir after a hard workout, is the shizz

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