Oct 18, 2013

Prevent Cancer :: 5 Reasons

Who do you prevent cancer for? Preventcancer.org is hosting a blog carnival next week. I'm participating and you should too! Having a  blog is not even required so go here for the deets.

Here's who I'm preventing cancer for in no particular order:

1. Me and my family -- we like maintaining an awesome quality of life. Thank ya very much. 
2. In memory of my mom. Cancer shortened her life of beautiful sunsets. 

3. My husband. Travel travel travel. We have big plans and we want to enjoy every minute. 
4. Oh my cuties, they mean the world. 

5. Me me me me...let me just put it out there. I don't want it. 
I've worked with cancer patients and their families. I've walked through hospice with my mom because of cancer. I've watched other family members with cancer. It's all a stressful unpleasant business for the person with cancer and the families and friends watching. 

*Follow @preventcancer on Twitter. They provide helpful tips on how to prevent cancer so we can all enjoy life with the ones we love! :)

Come on and say it!

  1. sorry about your mum and great event

  2. Great Pictures. Nice post for the Prevent Cancer Blog Carnival.

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    Margaret L. Turley, Administrator
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Come on and say it!